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April Meeting & Piece-A-Long

Join us for our monthly meeting, which will be held Thursday, April 12th from 6:30-9:00pm @ Remnants: Fiber Culture (10435 Burnet Road, Suite 106) in North Austin.

There will be no show-and-tell this month so we can get right down to business with a special paper "piece-a-long" facilitated by talented modern quilter and guild member Heather Scrimsher (more details below).

Also, don't forget to bring your Color Wheel Swap Blocks. Please put them in a ziplock bag labeled with your name.

April Piece-A-Long

The Austin Modern Quilt Guild is offering a "piece-a-long" at our April meeting facilitated by Heather Scrimsher of Fiberosity. We will have machines set up with grey, black and white thread so you can try paper piecing with someone there to help you if you get stuck or even don't know how to get started! Paper piecing is super easy and once you have the basics, you can do any pattern out there. Even if you are an experienced paper piecer, please feel free to join us. There might even be a prize....come join in for details!


So why would you even want to do paper piecing (sometimes called foundation piecing)? It gives you amazing shapes and the ability to do what seems to be impossible shapes in your quilts.

Sounds do I join in??? Come to the meeting with the following:

  • 4 copies of the "circle of geese" pattern by PieceByNumber (please note that there is a clockwise AND counterclockwise pattern, you need to have 4 copies of the same direction, i.e. not 2 clockwise and 2 counterclockwise). There are printing instructions and paper piecing paper is nice to use. Most quilt stores and even JoAnns carries printer size paper for this.

  • FQ background fabric

  • 12 fabric scraps each 2.5"x5" for the geese. Excellent for jelly roll ends or 1/2 charm square.

  • Paper scissors

  • Fabric scissors

  • a few pins

Helpful but not necessary:

  • small cutting mat and rotary cutter

  • "add a quarter" ruler or other small ruler with 1/4" line

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