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AMQG Pouch Swap!

This swap is open to all members of the guild who sign up by June 21st, 2012 via the Austin Modern Quilt Guild Facebook Page. An event will be set up by our Special Events Coordinator, Jessica. If you are a member who is not on Facebook and would like to participate, please contact Laura Pearce at Pouches can be any size provided they are large enough to hold sewing notions or other small items. No ID pouches please. Your pouch should contain five dollars worth of goodies. You may choose to include a small handmade item like a pincushion, notions, fat quarters, or something else entirely. The only rule on the contents is that you choose something you would be pleased to receive and that you do not go over the $5 budget.

There are many free online tutorials for zip pouches of different shapes and sizes. I've included some links at the bottom of this post to help you get started.

You will need to bring your finished pouch with a gift inside to the August meeting. Please bring your pouch in a brown paper sack or plain wrapper so that we can all oooh and ahh over the pouch when the package is opened and revealed.

When you arrive at the meeting with your pouch please bring it to the collection area we'll have set up. We will draw names for the order we choose pouches in. The swap will be a White Elephant exchange. One pouch per participant please as this could take far too long if each person is doing multiple swaps.

Have fun with your pouch creation, we can't wait to see them!

Pouch Tutorials

Gina Pina - Zipper Pouch

Michelle Patterns - Dumplings

Little Big Girl Studio - Patchwork Pencil Pouch

Modern Quilt Love - Perfect Box Pouch

Three Bears - Little Boxy Pouch


  1. Am I just not seeing the event or has it not been set up? We're about to go out of town and I don't want to miss signing up!