Charity Quilts


A QuiltCon Volunteer Opportunity (with Benefits!) for our Fabulous Members

Our guild was recently contacted by C&T Publishing, a platinum level sponsor of QuiltCon.  You may know them from such titles as:

The list goes on & on!  They are going to have a booth at QuiltCon this February and need volunteers to help them provide product information to customers, write up orders, and help with the set up and take down of the booth itself

Can you imagine getting a chance to be on the show floor right in the middle of all the action? Bumping elbows with some of their amazing authors? And as a token of gratitude for your help, C&T will provide you with a free show floor ticket! How cool is that? The dates and time slots for still being developed, but if you are a member of the guild and are interested in helping out, let us know by leaving a comment below! We’ll be in touch! Thanks!


  1. Sweet! I love C&T and participating in the Creative Troupe. Keep me posted :-D

  2. I would be interested as well! Please keep me in the loop!

  3. Sounds like fun - I have crafty retail sales experience too... sign me up!