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Charity Block Challenge!

charity- noun. 1. the voluntary giving of help, typically money, to those in need. 2. help or money given in this way. 3. generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless.

photo by Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts

One of my favorite parts of being a member of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild is the opportunity to make quilts and donate them to people in need. In fact, I learned how to quilt using charity fabrics.

Mom had a charitable club at her shop in Northern California.  I would take the world's ugliest fabric and find pretty friends for them to hang out with, piece them into tops, practicing my magic corners and matching up my seams. Then, every day, after meeting our daily quota, if there were still an hour or more's worth of wind left in our sails, we would pick a charity quilt and I would free-motion quilt it. There, I got to really go to town, swirling and meandering. I'd "custom quilt" each charity quilt- stars in the borders here, feathers in the center there. Sometimes the quilts would be donated to CASA or the ASPCA, or other various locally based organizations. I had the most fun making those quilts.

When my own shop opened in early 2012, I knew that I wanted to continue the legacy of giving through the sharing of old fabrics, notions and other supplies. After meeting AMQG member Linda Thune, I knew my life had changed forever. Linda's daughter Annie tragically took her own life in 2010 at the age of 24. Because I'm only a year younger than Annie, and maybe because of my own personal struggles, her story really stuck with me. I started Friends of Annie, or FOA, a charitable club that hangs out at the shop on Wednesdays from 2-6pm. We are currently sorting and cutting fabric into blocks and kits that can be dispersed to volunteers for piecing and quilting.

But I digress!

The AMQG has started a charity block challenge using a sweet tutorial from Fresh Lemons Quilts blog. Friends of Annie has supplied white fabric squares for members of the AMQG to pick up and use for their quilt block.

*piece a block from the Fresh Lemons tutorial using the donated white fabric block available for pick-up at Remnants. Call 888-TO-QUILT if you have any questions about fabric pick up times.
*you may use any colors for your "string" portion-if you would prefer to use donated fabric, we've got a whole closet with your name on it! Stop by Remnants and we can cut some strips for you.
*return the individual block at the AMQG October meeting (PLEASE do not piece your blocks together!)
*pat yourself on the back for being a caring generous soul!

*show off your really, really, ridiculously good looking block on The Guild's Flickr page! Show us whatcha workin' with!
*remember that seeing is believing- the more photos that you post on the Flickr page, the more likely someone else will pick up a block and try it. Peer pressure, ladies!

*piece the donated blocks together into an awesomely cute quilt top
*piece the quilt back using fabric donated by FOA
*bind the quilt after it's done being quilted (by me! I'm so excited!)
*encourage other guild members to keep making blocks so we can have a whole lotta quilts!

AMQG was generous enough to donate the future quilt to Friends of Annie, and in turn we will donate the finished quilt to the charitable organization of the guild's choice-

Which leads me to my next question.....

.....Where would you like FOA to donate this lovely quilt?

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite local charity and why you think FOA should donate the quilt to that charity. All national charities with local chapters are considerable as well. We will pick the charity with the most votes. If there are only one vote per charity, then we will do a random number generator and donate it to the coinciding charity.

Sound like a plan, Stans? Get to stitchin'!

Thanks for the guest spot AMQG!
Love, Peace, and some string quiltin',
Jessica Sloan
Owner at Remnants:fiber[culture]

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