Charity Quilts


We Are Moving!

Hello guild members,

I have good news! The executive council has been working hard to find a new monthly meeting space to comfortably hold our growing membership, and things finally came together. We have found a permanent location for our meetings at the Ronald McDonald House, located just east of I-35 at 1315 Barbara Jordan Blvd. Click here for driving directions.

For the last several months our meetings have been held at Remnants:fiber[culture]. We owe a big thank you to Jessica Sloan for hosting us so graciously. At Remnants, we were able to meet with and learn from fellow quilters as well as buy fabric and notions from a great modern quilt shop in north Austin.

As our membership increased, the executive council realized that our guild has outgrown this location. While we are disappointed to not hold meetings in a fabric store and do our part to support local business, we know that a move is necessary for the future of the guild.

Due to a previous reservation at the Ronald McDonald House, we weren't able to schedule our October meeting on the second Thursday of the month. The meeting will be held on Monday, October 8 at 6:00 pm. The first half hour will be social time and the meeting will start promptly at 6:30.

Beginning in November, we will return to our regularly scheduled meetings on the second Thursday of every month, with a social meet and greet from 6:00 to 6:30 and a meeting from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Chairs will be provided for us in this new meeting space, so there is no need to bring your folding chairs or stand at the back of the group during meetings anymore! 

A blog post listing the agenda for the October meeting will be published soon, and we hope that you can join us as we transition in to this new meeting space.

If you haven't registered to be a member of the guild yet, click here for instructions on how to join.

Susan McAdams
Austin Modern Quilt Guild President


  1. How exciting! The new date for October means that I'll be able to attend - YIPPEE!!!

  2. Wow... I might be able to ride my bike to the meetings! Party afterwards at my place (just kidding...!). Welcome to the east side. Where the living is easy, and the Quilting is crazy! Workin' on a Bee East - announcement coming soon...

  3. I'm so excited for our meeting! And hopefully I'll be on time for once.