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Top 10: Retreats

Top 10 reasons to attend an Austin Modern Quilt Guild retreat

1.  The fantastic workroom!  Three large cutting mats, a table for your sewing machine and projects, design walls, and three irons and ironing boards. 
2.  Finally finishing those UFOs. 
3.  Inspiration and guidance from other quilters.  Or to just covet their fabric collection.
4.  Late night laugh sessions.
5.  Valli & Kim is 15 minutes away, if you have a fabric emergency or need to a stash update.
6.  If you have kids, getting a kid-free weekend. If you don't have kids, its still a kid-free weekend!
7.  Bobbin!  Sewing can be turned into a drinking game. 
8.  Comfortable memory foam mattresses. Don't forget your pillow!
9.  Morning coffee and early morning laugh sessions.
10.  Quilting friends.  Because your other friends just don't get it.