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April 2013 Monthly Meeting

6:30pm - 8:30pm • 11 April 2013 • BookPeople 3rd Floor Meeting Room

- There is a bag check policy at BookPeople. No large bags or backpacks are allowed past the greet desk. Anything that you'd like to take inside needs to be placed in a shopping basket while your bag stays at the greet desk or in one of the complimentary lockers.
- Sign in with Mitzi and the membership team.

1. Weekend Retreats:
- Weekend retreats are at the Wimberley Quilt Ranch. It's a 45 minute drive from Central Austin.
- Arrive as early as 11:00am on Friday and leave as late as 3:00pm on Sunday.
- Attendees can bring their own food & have coordinated dinners in the past.
- Otherwise you just bring your pillow, machine & sewing supplies.
- There is a large cutting table with mats, 3 ironing stations, & 8 design walls.
- Every sewing station has a large table & a half of workspace.
- You can drive a few miles into town to go to Valli & Kim's and have a lunch before heading back to the house.
- Upcoming Weekend Retreat Dates: Friday through Sunday Aug 2-4 & Nov 8-10
- You can sign up to attend now on the website.
- You'll pay the retreat cost (facilities fee + processing fee) in full when you sign up: $125

1. In Depth Presentation on Officer Roles
2. Presentation on Joining the National Modern Quilt Guild
3. Discuss Quilt Sit and See
4. Show and Tell

We hope to see you there in our new meeting space!

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