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Zipper Challenge! Bring Your Projects to the June 12th Meeting

It's officially June, and our June 12th meeting will be here, soon!

If you attended the May meeting, you received three zippers provided to us by Coats & Clark to participate in the Zipper Challenge. If you couldn't attend and would like to get a set of zippers, email me (Claire) at or Jessica at I'm located in central Austin, and Jessica is up north.

If you paid dues for 2012-2013 or if you have already paid dues for 2013-2014, you're eligible to receive a set of zippers and enter the contest to win a fat eighth bundle ten of Shot Cottons valued at $30.

How to Participate:

- For your project to be eligible, you must use at least one of the provided zippers but you don't have to use all three.
- You can add additional zippers to your project other than the ones provided.
- Bring your finished project to the June meeting and set it out on the Zipper Challenge table for voting.
- We'll vote on the winning project like we did for the Madrona Road Challenge.

Comment here, on facebook, or email us if you have any questions. I can't wait to see the great projects at the June meeting!


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  1. That shot cotton is a great prize. Can't wait for the meeting.