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INTRODUCE – Meet 2013-2014 President Mary Anne Williams

Mary Anne and her quilt "Road Trip" at QuiltCon

In a blog post back in June, readers were introduced to the vision that newly elected President Mary Anne Williams has for the upcoming year in our guild. Now it’s time to learn some fun facts about her!

When is your birthday? 
April 5th

When did you make your first quilt & why?
 I made my first quilt in 2005.  I have always sewn, but never had an interest in quilting until some friends encouraged me to give it a go.  My first quilt was a Christmas table runner made using Eleanor Burns’ Star for All Seasons pattern.

Does anyone else in your family quilt?
Neither my Mom nor my Grandmothers quilted. I did find out later in life that my Dad’s Step Mother Edna (who is now 100 years old!) and his half-sisters are all quilters.  Edna not so much anymore, but my Aunt Sally and Aunt Steffie are very active and talented quilters.  My Aunt Steffie joined the Rhode Island MQG when they were founded…I had to laugh when she e-mailed to ask “What’s a Mug Rug?”
Mary Anne and her Aunt Steffie at Edna Mashl's 100th birthday party

Who’s your favorite fabric designer & why?
My current favorite designer is probably Carolyn Friedlander.  I wasn’t a big fan of Architextures until I saw “The Local Quilt” at QuiltCon.  I was very interested in the quilt because a group of friends and I decided to do it as a group Block of the Month on Facebook.  I met Carolyn at QuiltCon and she even joined our FB group!  She is very genuine and sincere…I hope that she continues to enjoy success!

Describe the last piece of fabric you bought!
I live out on 290 W and my closest LQS is Valli and Kim’s in Dripping Springs.  Yesterday I saw a FB post that the reprint of Amy Butler’s Belle was in stock…so I ran in this morning and picked up some of the Duck Egg blue French print and some of the coriander in green and teal. Seriously, though…the coriander in fuchsia and white is one of my absolute all time favorites…it would have been nice if she had reprinted that too!

Okay, we need to know which camp you’re in:
Steam or no steam? 
No Steam – dry iron w/ Best Press
Machine finish binding or hand sew binding?
I decide whether to machine finish or hand stitch binding depending upon how the quilt will be used…and my mood!  I have two different machine binding methods that I use frequently but hand stitching is something I save for extra-special quilts.
Pins or no pins?
Slow & steady or pedal to the metal!?!
Slow and Steady – which is probably why I never finish anything!
Favorite color? 
Favorite colors?  Pretty much everything except for tans and beige
Favorite batting brand & type?
I’ve been a die-hard Warm and Natural user but I just finished quilting a large lap quilt that used Quilter’s Dream as the batting and I really like how it turned out.
Favorite thread brand?
I like to piece with 50 weight cotton – usually Aurifil but I also like DMC.  I usually quilt with Aurifil too, unless I happen to have a cone of So Fine in the color that I want.  So Fine is a poly thread, it is very thin and blends great. 
Cats or dogs?
Dogs – I love them!
Mary Anne's Granddogs!

Beer or wine? Or other?
Beer OR wine?  Seriously?  Between the amazing craft breweries in the area…and the wineries that are fairly close to my house, I can’t pick between one of the other.  I like ‘em both.  And margaritas.  And Diet Coke (no…Diet Pepsi is not alright!)
Guild Happy Hour at Gibson

How would you describe your style of quilting? 
 ‘Occasionally Inspired’.  I tend to be a pattern follower and I frequently make safe choices.  Every now and then, I get inspired by something I’ve seen and I will push myself to go outside of my safe zone.  Usually I’m very pleased with the end result.  Mostly though, I am a pattern follower.
Road Trip

Made from Empty Bobbin's Bleachers pattern

Do.Good.Stitches charity bee block

Name one new quilting skill that you’d like to learn more about this year.
I’d like to become a more confident paper-piecer.  I’m on Month 5 of TheLocal Quilt BOM and I always seem to struggle…still!

If you had to recommend a quilting book to a beginner, what would it be & why?
Wow…that’s a hard one.  My first response was The Modern Quilt Workshop by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio.  I find their quilt designs to be very approachable and consistent with my aesthetic.  They also use simple, efficient construction techniques to ensure a successful outcome.  The Practical Guide to Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman is also a great book for beginners.

Tell us about your favorite blog & why you like it.
My favorite blog?  What a tough question!  I really enjoy blogs authored by my friends so that I can see what they have been up to.  Teaginny Designs has a great blog – I don’t think I’ve ever not liked one of her quilts.  She’s done some great work with Oakshott Cottons lately…LOVE!  Check her out…and see if you can find the picture of the pillow she made with Laurie Wisbrun’s “Brrrr” fabric.  OMG…cutest pillow EVER!

Do you have a blog or twitter or instagram where we can creep on your shenanigans?  
I’m not on Twitter, but I love Instagram.  You can follow me at maquilts1.  I do have a blog, but I haven’t posted in 11 months.  I probably should do something about that!  My long-neglected blog is found at

Name something on your quilting bucket list!
Wow…there are MANY quilts on my quilting bucket list.  Perhaps I should just tell you what’s NOT on my list?  That would be a Baltimore Album Quilt…I admire the skill and the patience to make them, but they’re just not my thing.

If you could have anyone give a lecture or teach a workshop for the Austin MQG, who would it be? 
Jacquie Gering!  Jacquie is a teacher by profession and she makes quilts from her heart.  She is dedicated to her craft and very encouraging. I am always inspired by her work and I think it would be fabulous if the Austin MQG could host her for a special event or two!

What are you most excited about as you start your term on the Executive Council? I am SO excited to work with our great leadership team and members to bring programs and speakers to our guild who will share their love of Modern Quilting and inspire us to continue to practice and grow in the art.

Is there anything else you’d like our members to know about you?
Did you know that I was in another MQG before I moved to Austin last year?  I’ve probably never mentioned it…LOL!  As a member of that guild I was part of a wonderful community of quilters who inspired, encouraged, welcomed and supported each other.  Not just with their quilting, but with real-life issues as well. Members of all ages and all backgrounds shared their experiences to the benefit of all.  Guild night is THE BEST night of the month and when we all get back to our homes, we can’t wait to sew!  I know that we can build a special sense of community unique to Austin and I’m very excited to play a part in making it happen.

Thank you for sharing with us, Mary Anne! 

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