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INTRODUCE - Meet 2013-2014 Secretary Emily Thompson

It’s time to learn some fun facts about our new Secretary, Emily Thompson!

When is your birthday? 
August 31st

When did you make your first quilt & why?
My first official quilt was started when I was 9 or 10 years old.  My mom had me take quilting lessons from a lady at church.  We made a twin size 9 patch mostly from her stash of rockin’ 70s fabrics and some scraps  from my various 4-H clothing projects.  Everything was done by hand, so it took FOREVER to trace the template, add the seam allowance, cut it out, then hand sew everything together!  We had help when we hand quilted, but I think it still took 10 years to finish it.  When I look at it now, I think the fabric choices I made were terrible, but it is truly a scrap quilt!

Does anyone else in your family quilt?
My mom begged me to teach her how to quilt so we started one of the mini quilts from Schnibbles Times Two using a Central Park charm pack.  She finished the top and I quilted it for her.  She takes it with her whenever she’s meeting a friend she hasn’t seen in awhile to show off :)  My paternal great great grandmother was a quilter of necessity and I have a very tattered Lone Star she made.  My paternal great grandma was a maker of all sorts and she dabbled in quilts a little.  

Who’s your favorite fabric designer & why?
 I have loved almost every line from Kate Spain!  Her prints just work so well together and are bright, colorful and fun.  I think I went overboard on Cuzco though...I have 2 jelly rolls and a layer cake plus yardage.  I also recently developed a fetish for  the adorable Munki Munki pajamas by Heather Ross.  You heard that right.  I buy new pajamas, cut them up, and sew them into something else.  My name is Emily, and my boyfriend thinks I have a problem :D

Describe the last piece of fabric you bought!
 I bought a half yard of Timeless Treasures Fun Cat and Mouse.  It has a great grey kitty repeat with a cute little mouse in between.

Okay, we need to know which camp you’re in:
Steam or no steam? 
No Steam 
Machine finish binding or hand sew binding?
Depends on if it's a show quilt.
Pins or no pins?
No pins
Slow & steady or pedal to the metal!?!
Pedal to the metal
Favorite color? 
Least favorite color?
Favorite batting brand & type?
Warm & White 100% cotton
Favorite thread brand?
Cats or dogs?
Baby Carlton

Beer or wine? Or other?

How would you describe your style of quilting? 
I like to consider myself modern.  I enjoy making traditional blocks but I definitely use colorful modern prints and solids.  I’m trying to branch out and want to do some improv piecing in the future. 

Name one new quilting skill that you’d like to learn more about this year.
I saw an adorable version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Looptastic quilt using bits of Heather Ross fabric.  It’s an applique quilt that is on my bucket list.  I’ve appliqued a little here and there, but this will be a fun project to make me refine that skill.  

If you had to recommend a quilting book to a beginner, what would it be & why?
Elizabeth Hartman’s Practical Guide to Patchwork is one of my favorites.  Her patterns are well written and photographed and she shows the blocks made up in a few different fabrics to get your creative juices flowing.  

Tell us about your favorite blog & why you like it.
It’s hard for me to pick just one!  I use free patterns from the Moda Bake Shop all the time.  They are usually easy and well written and use all the various pre-cuts.  You also get to see quilts made up in all the Moda lines so you can ogle them as a quilt and not just a compiled mosaic picture on some of the fabric shopping webites.  

Do you have a blog or twitter or instagram where we can creep on your shenanigans?  

Name something on your quilting bucket list!
Yeesh.  It would be easier to say, name something that’s NOT on my quilting bucket list.  I actually posted a Master List tab on my blog so I don’t forget.  I’m collecting Heather Ross fabrics and would love to make a quilt with those.  I also have a stack of precuts that need to be turned into quilts.  I’ve always wanted to make a Bear Paw but for some reason I’m scared and haven’t started that one yet. 

Name one of your secret skills (outside of quilting!) that no one in the guild knows about!
Usually being a quilter is my secret skill!  I’m a pretty good cook, especially when it comes to dessert.  I’m also a hard core bargain shopper.  People get jealous when they see the goods I find at thrift stores, garage sales, and the like.  Come shopping with me sometime!

If you could have anyone give a lecture or teach a workshop for the Austin MQG, who would it be? 
I’d love for Jacquie Gering to come and teach us some improv piecing! 

What are you most excited about as you start your term on the Executive Council? 
I’m excited to start planning fun activities for meetings so the members get to know one another better and so hopefully we’ll meet people from other guilds.  Let’s do this!

Is there anything else you'd like our members to know about you?
Not that I can think of right now. Editor's Note: Let me jump in here right now and show off Emily's Weekender bag.  It's ten kinds of awesome!!! She blogged about it here.

Thank you for sharing with us, Emily! 

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