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INTRODUCE - Meet 2013-2014 VP of Programming Gina Pina

Up next in our little series is VP of Programming, Gina Pina!

When is your birthday? 
March 18th

When did you make your first quilt & why?
My first few quilts were very small and made for my cat to sleep on. Now I make quilts mostly to justify my huge fabric stash.

Does anyone else in your family quilt?
Both of my Grandmothers were quilters, my Granny in particular always had a large sewing room and fabric closet at her house and spends a lot of time quilting these days. She has even started a flickr account and has been participating in the Tula Pink quiltalong! I have lots of memories of Quilt Shows and watching sewing circles hand quilt around a large frame.

Who’s your favorite fabric designer & why?
I have a soft spot in my heart for Japanese fabric, especially the super cute or crazy stuff and anything Echino, but hands down favorite designer is Tula Pink for most detail and best use of color. She hand draws her designs with a mechanical pencil and always hides little details in the fabric.

Describe the last piece of fabric you bought!
I bought some black and white text fabric for stashing and a black Comma print for binding.

Okay, we need to know which camp you’re in:
Steam or no steam? 
Steam helps a lot. I spray water from a bottle for steaming. I also love starch.
Machine finish binding or hand sew binding?
Hand sewing always looks best to me, but I want to get better at machine binding for a quick option.
Pins or no pins?
I don’t use pins for everything, but sometimes they are necessary.
Slow & steady or pedal to the metal!?!
 It depends, but sometimes going faster actually makes it a little easier.
Favorite color?
Least favorite color?
Favorite batting brand & type?
I prefer 100% unbleached cotton for bed quilts. If I were making a wall hanging or something for a show I would use a Poly cotton blend or something with more loft.
Favorite thread brand?
Aurifil 50wt

Cats or dogs?
Both! I love animals.

Cats are handy with the sewing machine...

But dogs are good at basting.

Beer or wine? Or other?
I love craft beer. My true love is coffee.

How would you describe your style of quilting?
 Stress free quilting. I don’t skimp on the process, but I definitely don’t shed a tear if it doesn’t all line up perfectly in the end.

Name one new quilting skill that you’d like to learn more about this year.

I’d like to get better at free motion quilting and put in more time on a long arm machine.

If you had to recommend a quilting book to a beginner, what would it be & why?
I always recommend searching for free tutorials or videos online. You can usually find several methods for doing the same thing and choose one that makes the most sense to you. Videos & Classes are easier for learning since it is a lot of information to convey and books have limited space for explaining. That being said, I buy books if I like the quilts on the cover.

Tell us about your favorite blog & why you like it.
My favorite blog is True Up ( “All Fabric, All the Time” It is a great unbiased look at new fabric being released and Quilt Market recaps.

Do you have a blog or twitter or instagram where we can creep on your shenanigans?  
I am terrible at keeping my blog updated, but share on Instagram all the time. gina_pina on Instagram, @ginapina twitter,

Name something on your quilting bucket list!
I would love to hand quilt an entire quilt. I also want to visit International Quilt Shows, such as the one in Tokyo.

Where's Waldo Pina?

Name one of your secret skills (outside of quilting!) that no one in the guild knows about!
I love to play instruments of all types and would probably be a rockstar by now if it weren’t for my fabric addiction.

If you could have anyone give a lecture or teach a workshop for the Austin MQG, who would it be?
Tula Pink & Angela Walters!!

What are you most excited about as you start your term on the Executive Council? 
I am most excited about all the fun we have planned for the upcoming meetings and being a part of the Modern Quilt Guild members website launch.

Is there anything else you'd like our members to know about you?
I am obsessed with strawberries & Oldies music. I have a great job working for Margaret Udell at Form & Fabric, a locally based online fabric store gem on North Loop. We love fabric!

Love the Form & Fabric project pouches!

Thank you for sharing with us, Gina! 

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