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RECAP - July Monthly Meeting

Emily showing one of her quilts with Mary Anne and Jill

Monica's swap bag

We had a wonderful meeting last Thursday evening at BookPeople.  First, I’d like to recognize everyone who made contributions to our door prizes and Community Outreach fabric stash! Please let them know how much we appreciate them!

Now, let’s go over some of the info and highlights that were shared during the meeting:

We busted out some brand new name tags for both members and visitors alike! I felt like Oprah handing out swag, “YOU GET A NAME TAG! AND YOU GET A NAME TAG!” Although, I must say they aren’t exactly high ticket items. It was more like Tyra handing out Vaseline. But we wanted to make it easier for everyone to get to know each other, and wearing our names loud and proud definitely helped.

President Mary Anne touched on the sign-up process that we are going through to officially join the Modern Quilt Guild.  We are a pilot guild, so paid members have been given early access to the community features of the MQG website before they go live. The Executive Council has been getting all of the paperwork together in order to sign us up, but some of the required by-law changes will need to be voted on by membership before going into effect. We’ll keep you informed on our progress towards that vote.

During Committee Reports, Treasurer Jill Ivie let us know that five new members have joined in the past week and a total of twelve have joined since July 1st! We hope to keep this trend rolling- As our numbers grow, so do our opportunities for inviting nationally known speakers, scheduling engaging workshops, and broadening our community outreach. 

Also during Committee Reports, I recognized Secretary Emily Thompson for her recent donation of two quilts to the Moore Love Tornado Relief effort put together by the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild. We also took time to recognize everyone who came together to help create a special TOP SECRET project and debuted the end result in public for the very first time.  We’ll be sharing more info about this project very soon, so check back with the blog for more details!

VP of Events Corinne talked about our upcoming retreat at the Wimberley Quilt Ranch on August 2nd-4th. We’ve met the minimum requirement for attendance, but the more, the merrier! If you need to get away for a little while and have some fun, consider joining us- You’ll come back home with at least six more friends!

SHOW & TELL! Everyone’s favorite part of the meeting did not disappoint! Let’s take a peek,shall we?

Newcomer Linda J. brought some interesting panels that she used for free motion quilting practice and she talked about how her binding skills improved with each one.

Claire showed her nearly completed Rose Star quilt! You can read more about her journey with English paper piecing by clicking here.

Oriana shared the anniversary quilt she made for her husband and the adorable story behind the quilt back. It’s going to be used on the twin bed inside her Airstream trailer during family vacations.

Cathy shared a Cathedral Window quilt made by her mother that included scraps of clothing from family members.  In a few windows, there were even little photos of Cathy’s parents and Cathy herself! Thank you for driving all the way from San Saba county to share this with us in person! It is beautiful.

Lily shared her latest snazzy quilt top before it goes off to the longarmer AND a sweet bag. She always comes to the monthly meetings with amazing work!

And Linda T.- who is a TREASURE, might I add- regaled us with her tale of sewing an Anna Maria Horner Socialite Dress. Too funny.

There’s so much more, though, and this post would be a mile long if I shared it all!  Head on over to Flickr by clicking here and look at all of the photos Emily has posted from the meeting.

After break, we discussed the Committee Assignments for all of our paid members and how some committees were inadvertently left off the list of choices.  The Executive Council should be getting in touch with each committee soon to start solidifying our plans for the new year.

The meat and potatoes of this evening was spent in small groups discussing what everyone’s ideal guild would be like.  Each group was led by a member of the Executive Council and we posed questions such as, “If you could have anyone from the MQG Universe speak at one of our meetings, who would it be?” and “What makes you want to (or not want to) participate in Challenges or Swaps?” We chatted, but more importantly, we listened and found out that our members are FULL of incredible ideas.  They flowed so freely that I had to write at lightning speed and ended up with pages of chicken scratch that I was too embarrassed to hand over to Mary Anne!  I went home and immediately transcribed everything to a Word doc so that my notes and my memory didn’t leave anything out. Every member of the council has sent their notes to Mary Anne and she is going to turn them into a plan of action!

We ended the night by inviting everyone to next month’s meeting on August 8th, where we will explore all the ways that modern quilters connect online.  If you would like to be a presenter and share your experience with Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al, then please leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch!

Oh, one more tidbit of awesome! There were several local fabric shop owners in attendance- Margaret Udell of Form & Fabric, Angela Milliman of Bunny’s Designs, and Leslie Bonnell of Stitch Lab- and they all joined up at the end of the night to announce an Austin Shop Hop in early August!  They are still working out the details- we will share them as soon as they are available- but this local event promises to be amazing! In fact, a few of the online shops have never been open to the public before, so this will be an incredible opportunity to peek inside their world and not pay shipping fees!  Again, keep checking back with the blog to get more info!

Happy Quilting!

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