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Help Wanted!

That's right, we've got the "HELP WANTED" sign out!

As we announced at the August meeting, Emily Thompson has moved from the board position of Secretary to VP of Communications.  Since that time, Emily has been wearing both hats and working her fingers to the bone!

If you're interested in joining the Austin MQG Executive Board as Secretary, please contact me - Mary Anne Williams at  What a fun and exciting challenge it would be as part of growing our Guild!

As Secretary, you'd be responsible for...

- Taking meeting minutes - both member meetings and board meetings
- Managing official guild correspondence - thank you notes to donors and such
- Taking pictures at meetings and events and posting them to our Flickr page, FB, etc...
- Compiling a guild scrapbook chronicling the years activities and accomplishments.

Sounds AWESOME, right?  Let me know if you're interested!!!

Mary Anne

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