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Sew In Days... Sign up now!

Do you dream of a time when you can just sew your heart out and not worry about your kids or pets messing on the carpet while your SO asks when you're going to start making dinner for his boss tonight?  Yeah, me too.  Watching my furry kids test out how soft my quilts are while I'm away and leaving a ton of fuzz behind is really pushing my buttons.

If you need a spa day with your sewing machine, relax!  We have just the thing.  Corinne has set up special Sew In days just for us at quilt shops here and there and everywhere around town.  It's like a local mini retreat.  Pick your day and sign up for a social event with your sewing machine that doesn't involve your dining room table as your workspace.  Bring your supplies and meet us at one of these lovely shops.  Space is limited!  For a mere $5, less than a half yard of fabric, you can play in a fabric store with your projects and get unlimited amounts of advice from people who actually care which is the perfect shade of grey to match the Anna Maria Horner that you basically stole because the deal was so crazy good.  So sign up now and leave the hubs in charge.  Your kids will be in one piece when you get home... promise!   For legal reasons, I probably shouldn't promise anything, so I take that back :D

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