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December Meeting Fun: Mug & Rug Swap!

During our December holiday meeting, we'll be having a white elephant swap of mug rugs and a mug.  If you want to participate, you need to bring both a mug rug and a mug in a brown paper bag.  We'll have extra bags at the meeting if you need one.

Example: Don't laugh.  I made this one a long, long time ago.  PS I still love squirrels.

What's a mug rug?  Basically a mini placemat or a large coaster.  Something you can put your mug on, with a little space for a snacky snack too.  Does it have to be a rectangle?  Nope.  Does it have to be holiday related?  Nope.  Does it have to be awesome?  YES!  Please only bring a mug rug that you would be happy receiving.  If you need some mug rug inspiration, here's a Flickr group or two and we have a Pinterest page too.  

The next meeting will be held Thursday, December 12 at 6:30 pm at Book People.  More details to follow.  If you are visiting for the first time, please don't be shy and join in the fun with a mug and a rug!  Oh and don't forget to bring your maples!

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  1. "Squirrel!" (said in the voice of the dog from the movie Up). Should we bring snacky snacks to the Dec. meeting?