Charity Quilts


WIP Wednesday

I was lucky enough to have an ice day yesterday and didn't have to go work until noon.  That gave me some time to work on the binding of my Riley Blake challenge quilt.  You will hopefully crack up laughing when you see it at the big reveal!


Speaking of the Riley Blake challenge reveal, have your project finished by the Austin MQG meeting Thursday, February 13 at Book People.  Bring it to the meeting and we'll have a table set up where you can proudly display it for a popular vote.  The MQG deadline isn't until February 17, but you'll be finished already and just have to post your photo to the MQG feed for the national competition.  Be sure to follow all the rules to make sure your project is eligible for the national contest!

Anywho, show us what you've been creating lately!


  1. Ha. I beat you. I did not have to go in until 1:00 p.m. I think I only had a couple of ice days the whole time I was in St. Louis. Our equipment and road crews were used to bad weather.

  2. Haha - so sad that the picture is true. Excited to see everyone's RB challenge quilts :)