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WIP Wednesday: Meet Cathy!

You may have met Cathy at a meeting or seen her often hilarious posts on the Facebook page.  She's a gem, and she's going to share a bit about herself and her WIPs this week!

Hello, my name is Cathy Ledbetter and I think I may hold the title of the most remote active member of the guild. I live in San Saba County on a historic family ranch with my husband, Macy, my son, Wade, and lots and lots of animals. My daughter, Shelby, lives in Austin and is also a member of AMQG.

I have been making things as far back as I can remember. When I was four or five, my dad brought me a child-sized, chain-stitching sewing machine from Japan. I sewed every bit of fabric I could get my hands on until several months later, when our house burned down with the sewing machine inside. My mom let me sew on her machine starting when I was eight or nine. By thirteen, I was starting to make a lot of clothes and made most of my own clothes through high school and college. I earned a BS in Home Economics Education from the University of Tennessee and an MS in the same field from Texas Tech University, so I sort of made “making” into a profession.

I’ve always loved quilts, but didn’t try to make them because I thought it all had to be done by hand. And I have a perfectionism problem I am trying to overcome. Ten years ago I attended the Houston festival, bought a Roxanne thimble, and started quilting. I didn’t produce many finished quilts until I decided to learn how to free-motion quilt. I am still learning, by the way, practicing a lot and still working on that perfectionism thing.

Lately I have been working on the projects I started at the Portland SewDown, and I have been working on those highly addictive Sew Along bags (pattern by Sew Demented). I have have quite a long list of WIPs on my pledge card, most of which need to be quilted. Emily provided me with some charity quilt projects so that I can be sure to get LOTS of FMQ practice in the coming weeks.

Being around AMQG members is like Red Bull for my creativity--Thanks Y’all!!!

That big blue bag holds all the WIPs on my pledge card. There are more WIP-ish things on the shelf.

But this is what I have been doing instead: Charity quilts, Sew Together bags, the You+Me quilt with it's backing all ready to go, and the Sidekick Sampler star waiting to be quilted into a table topper.

Great stuff Cathy!  Remember everyone, the monthly meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 26 at Sew Much More.  Now, what have you been busy sewing?  Link up!


  1. Love, love, love your Sew Together Bags!! Mary Anne and I have a pact to make one soon...I can hardly contain my excitement!!!! And I think that I might be the second most remote girls unite! :)

  2. Great Bio. I enjoy seeing what everyone is working on.

  3. Love your sewtogether bags too! But I love the red shelf for fabric even more. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've totally been wanting to make one of those bags :-D I probably should have put that on my 2014 WIP list just so I can check it off ;-) I also bought a Roxanne thimble at IQF this year after we got to use one in a two-day Amish quilting class and I fell in love.